picture of lungs

Asthma, a lung disease, affects over 24 million people living in the United States, including more than 6 million children. It causes 3 in 5 people living with asthma to limit their physical activity or miss days at school and work. Asthma is also expensive, costing the nation $56 billion each year.

On World Asthma Day (Tuesday, May 3) and throughout May, people with asthma and organizations dedicated to asthma control and education join together to increase awareness about asthma and improve the lives of all people with asthma.

The vast majority of people with asthma have the potential to breathe easier. But they can’t reach that goal alone. Central Connecticut Health District offers the Putting on AIRS service that is used to target the reduction of environmental asthma triggers in the home and provide education for self-management of asthma symptoms. 

It takes a team effort—participation by clinicians and caregivers, but also others where people who have asthma live, learn, work, and play—to help create systems and environments that help those with asthma live their lives without limit.

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