Haven’t received your flu shot yet? If you or your family members have not been immunized for seasonal flu, IT’S NOT TOO LATE! 

It is important to remember that flu kills thousands of people per year in the U.S. Despite recent media coverage that the flu shot is not effective against one strain, it is still important to get vaccinated, since it has been shown that annual immunization still provides some protection even if it doesn’t exactly cover the strain that may be circulating.

The Central Connecticut Health District is offering quadravalent (covers 4 strains of flu that were likely to be circulating this season), injectable flu vaccination for anyone age 4 years and older, regardless of residency.  The Health District will bill all Medicare Part B plans, all ConnectiCare Plans, and all Anthem plans, all Aetna plans, some United Healthcare plans, and Healthy CT plans.  Please bring your insurance card from one of the above plans to the clinic to receive a flu vaccination at no charge.  The cost for all others is $25, and a receipt will be provided upon request. 

For more information or to make an appointment, please call (860) 721-2816 or (860) 721-2822. More information about influenza is available on the Central CT Health District website at www.ccthd.org or on our Facebook page.