Cancer has affected almost everyone’s life in some way--perhaps you, a relative, or a friend, has been affected.

The articles and links on this page deal with the different types of cancer, healthy lifestyles to help avoid it, and effective ways of dealing with it if it does strike.


Skin Cancer and Melanoma Risks 
May 8, 2013

Be Safe in the Sun
June 24, 2013

Department of Public Health Stresses Importance
of Annual Screening for Cervical Cancer

January 19, 2011

Blood Cancers:  Rare But Deadly
August 29, 2005

Breast Cancer: A Concern for Men and Women

September 17, 2001

Quiz Yourself About Breast Cancer

October 12, 2004

Colorectal Screenings Recommended for Those Over 50
February 22, 2010

Prostate Cancer

August 22, 2002

Skin Cancer--Winter Sun Exposure

January 2, 1998

Skin Cancer--Beware the Dangers of Tanning Beds

January 16, 2007


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