Private wells are regulated by the District to ensure proper location and installation, and a safe water supply. The District ensures compliance with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Well Drilling Regulations, Section 25-126 through 137 and 25-128-1 through 64, and the Connecticut Public Health Code, Section 19-13-B51a-m and 19-13-B101.

An application for a permit to install a new well must be completed by a licensed well driller and approved by the District before drilling begins. Following installation of the well, a well completion report must be completed by the well driller and approved by the District. After the well installation is approved, a water sample must be collected to show that the well meets acceptable water quality standards.

Complaints or requests for additional information concerning private water supplies should be directed to the Sanitarian at the appropriate District office.

Public wells are regulated by the Connecticut Department of Public Health with assistance from the District. There are nine public wells in the District which are jointly overseen including restaurants, motels and private clubs. The Connecticut Department of Public Health along with the District ensure compliance with CT Public Health Code, Section 19-13-B102.


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